Ing. Nicolay Samaniego Erazo, PhD.
Ing. Juan Pablo Carvallo Vega, PhD.
Executive Director
Ing. Raúl Galarza
Administrative-Financial Director
Ing. Nataly Campoverde
Chief accountant
Ing. Boris Reinoso
Accounting analyst
Ing. Paola Chalco
Accounting analyst
Lcda. Ximena Lazo
Executive Assistant
Ing. María Augusta Guillén
Documentary and resources analyst - reception
Flor Espinoza
Cleaning and Concierge
Lcda. Galia Rivas, Mtr.
Communications Manager
Lcdo. Francisco Toral
Social network analyst
Ing. Fernanda Chica
Web master analyst
Dis.Graf. Paúl Arevalo
Graphic design and multimedia analyst
Ing Yailin Hernández
Academic promoter
Ing. Augusto Cabrera
Academic promoter
Ab. Catalina Palomeque
Legal chief
Ab. Geovanna Montenegro
Legal analyst
Ab. Melissa Sánchez
Legal analyst
Ing. Carlos Guzmán
Ing. Flavio Rodríguez
Operations Chief
Ing. Claudio Chacón, MgT.
I+D+i IT coordinator
Ing. Ernesto Pérez
CEDIA's CSIRT coordinator
Ing. Luis Vargas
Network specialist
Ing. Enrique López
Server specialist
Ing. María Belén Galindo
Service quality specialist
Ing. Javier Crespo
Server specialist
Ing. Jaime Guerrero
Server specialist
Ing. Freddy Sumba
I+D+i specialist in academic services development
Ing. Paúl Bernal
CSIRT specialist and advanced services
Ing. Juan Carlos Campoverde
NOC specialist
Ing. Jackeline Fernández
NOC specialist
Ing. Sebastián Villavicencio
NOC specialist
Ing. Andrea Morales, Mtr.
Research Coordinator
Ing. Javier Valdiviezo
Academic Coordinator
Ing. Patricio Guerrero
INNOVAR Coordinator
Ing. Ana Villalta
I+D+i specialist
Ing. Josefina Siguencia
I+D+i specialist
Ing. Cristina Aguilar
I+D+i specialist
Ing. Mónica Ordóñez, Mtr.
I+D+i specialist
Econ. Lucía Toral
Attention to partners and clients - INNOVAR
Ing. Luis Gárate
Advisor in entrepreneurship and innovation - INNOVAR
Econ. Ana González
Promotion and sales - INNOVAR