Reliable communication system with anti-crash and recovery equipment with anonymous identification security. play button
Tele-rehabilitation platform for older adults with disorders associated with dementia, based on emerging technologies. play button
Geostatistical Access and Inference of Meteorological Parameters on Graphic Mode from Automatic Meteorological Stations for the Provinces of Azuay and Chimborazo. play button
Evaluation of knowledge about diet, exercise, social networks, and prototype development for taking medication and monitoring vital signs aimed at the elderly through the integration and use of new information and communication technologies, applied to people over 65. play button
Creation of an Inter-university Network for the study and design of drugs assisted by computers. Phase 2: Structure-activity relationships QSAR as a tool for drug development. play button
Interactive ludic microworlds as therapeutic support tools for at risk children. play button
Digital repository of instrumental methods and implementation of a training platform in the operation of equipment and devices for sorting natural and industrial materials. play button