A website for operating system downloads.

Mirror is a website that contains several official distributions of Linux operating systems. It is created to facilitate Operating System downloads, updates, and to facilitate access to information, even when the main server fails to provide its respective distribution.


The mirrors are synchronized periodically with the main servers of the Linux distributions such as: CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Scientific Linux, Debian, Linux (Kernel), among others in order to maintain the integrity of the information.

The CEDIA Mirror automatically downloads the packages and updates of the available distributions to download them. If your system is within the Red CEDIA this process will be similar to making a download from a local high speed server. It is one of the CEDIA objectives to encourage and take advantage of the use of Advanced Network among its members.

Visit: http://mirror.cedia.org.ec/

For more information, write us at: noc@cedia.org.ec