High impact publications in scientific research.

Taylor & Francis Group is a British publisher with an international presence that publishes books for the academic world. The company was founded in 1852 by associating William Francis and Richard Taylor in the publishing business in England. Since then, Taylor & Francis has been a point of reference for the international scientific community and synonymous with quality within the publishing market.

Its collection of online access publications includes high impact and visibility journals, with a focus on scientific research and coverage since 1997. Its themes cover all fields of knowledge in science, technology, humanities, and social sciences. The articles are submitted to a rigorous arbitration process.

Humanist and Social Sciences Collections

It is composed of more than 1448 titles from high impact journals in full text, in the following topics: Anthropology and Archeology; Arts and Humanities; Behavioral science; Business, Administration, and Economics; Criminology and Law TALOR AND FRANCISC; Education; Geography, Urban Planning and the Environment; Library and Information Sciences; Media, Culture and Communication Studies; Mental Health and Social Care; Political Studies, Relations and International Area; Psychology; Sociology and related Disciplines; Sport, Leisure and Tourism; Strategic, Defense, and Security Studies.

Science and Technology Collection

It is composed of more than 500 specialized journals in scientific fields and technologies on Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Biotechnology, Genetics, Computing, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.