This provides a unique integrated system that is continually expanding that fully covers all aspects of technical computation and is available without problems in the cloud from any web navigator, and often comes installed in modern desktops.

- It features around 5000 integrated functions that cover all areas of technical computation, carefully operated to work perfectly together and includes an integrated mathematical system.

- Over the course of its twenty five years of development, Mathematica excels in all areas of technical computation, including networks, images, geometry, data science, visualization, machine learning, etc.

- Mathematica constructs powerful algorithms without precedent in all areas; many of which are created in Wolfram using methodologies for development and unique capabilities of the Wolfram Language.

- It has in addition more than 150,000 examples in its documentation center,and is thus able to start almost any project, with around 10,000 demonstrations of open code in Wolfram projects, demonstrations, and other resources.

- With a sophisticated interface and an award winning design, Mathematica marvelously presents its results, instantly creating the best interactive visualizations and documents with publication quality.


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