SEMANTIC REPOSITORY repositoriosemantico

In the semantic repository of Ecuadorian researchers there is information related to areas of study and researchers on a national level, as well as their connections with other national or international authors in scientific production generated by each of them.



The data is extracted from different sources such as SCOPUS, institutional repositories, and Google Scholar, among others. Upon detecting these areas of study and the associated articles, new national research projects are suggested. This repository provides: An author search feature Navigation by author publications (external author publications can be consulted) TAG CLOUD: Keyword Cloud Publication Groups (where publications are shown according to the research area selected and grouped by authors).


This repository permits researchers to detect similar areas of study so that they generate collaborative research groups, mobilizing national scientific production. It also extracts scientific information associated with each institution, necessary for obtaining statistics and accreditation indicators.

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Gonzalo Cordero 2-122 y J. Fajardo

Telf. (+593) 7 4043810 • Cuenca- Ecuador

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