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The Ecuadorian Open Access Repository Network (RRAAE in Spanish) is the national search engine that forms part of the federated network of institutional repositories of scientific publications of Latin America and the Caribbean, the LA REFERENCIA. This Repository Network carries out data mining of the member and non-member institutional repositories with the objective of offering greater visibility for academic/scientific in our country at national and regional levels, for undergrad, graduate, and doctorate theses and scientific articles.



The RRAAE performs weekly data mining on the digital repositories, like those previously carried out with the standardization of metadata adapted to the driver directors 2.0., fulfilling a validation process.

The academic and scientific information generated by the institutions is uploaded to the institutional repository of each member and non-member of CEDIA Network. Previously, upon joining the RRAAE all institutional repositories of the LA REFERENCIA, making the scientific and academic findings of Ecuador more visible.



  • The RRAAE is the national node that forms part of the Institutional Federated Repository Network of Scientific Publications of Latin America (LA REFERENCIA, in Spanish)
  • It facilitates the management, decentralization, organization, preservation, and interoperability of the open access digital content that the institutions of the academic/scientific communities in the country generate.
  • Increases the visibility of findings produced and distributed by the diverse institutional repositories on a national level, and thus contributing to the educational development of our country.
  • Through the RRAAE the IES makes all institutionally generated academic findings more visible.
  • In addition, data mined statistics on valid contents can be acquired through the RRAAE. In the year 2015 89,405 undergrad theses were registered, 7,413 masters theses, 9,195 articles, and 33 doctorate theses.

Booklet RRAAE

For more information visit: http://www.rraae.org.ec/  


member institutions


Gonzalo Cordero 2-122 y J. Fajardo

Telf. (+593) 7 4043810

info@cedia.org.ec • Cuenca- Ecuador

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