Juan Carlos Ocampo

It is motivating to know that more and more research is being promoted and carried out in Ecuador and through CEDIA.

Juan Carlos Ocampo is a young researcher and student of clinical psychology at the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil. He has participated actively in our competitions winning first place in the CAD contest "With CEDIA you learn differently", and second place in the contest of learning objects - OA. Let's learn a little more about Juan Carlos, young promising Ecuadorian researcher, in the following interview.

Juan Carlos, please tell us how you found out about CEDIA and what was the most striking about our corporation?

I found out about CEDIA around a year and a half or two years ago. I follow it on their social networks. I was very struck by the information posted about the contests, the courses they offer, and a lot of information of interest for my career.

At first I hesitated a bit to participate in the competitions, until I decided to present my proposal in "InnovaCEDIA - OA 2017", with the creation of an object for learning about statistics and the second contest was "With CEDIA you Learn Differently" where we made the proposal of a fun game with the Network’s information.

It’s really exciting. In INNOVA CEDIA 2017-Learning Objects, I was in second place, and I became a creditor for a trip to the congress of Lacnoc in La Plata, Argentina.
On the other hand, in the contest "With CEDIA you Learn Differently" we won first place together with a university classmate. The prize consisted of a trip to Galapagos.

Tell us how it has been to grow as a student in a research context?

I have always believed that research in Ecuador is still in its infancy, something that is developing bit by bit. But, on the other hand, parties such as CEDIA, teachers, and researchers are responsible for promoting research. During this time, I have been able to get to know your network and people who support development and research, and others who still do not understand what can be achieved by doing research work.

In your experience, have you been able to perceive a growth of research in Ecuador in recent years?

Completely! I think that in recent years there has been a great interest in research, and more and more research is being produced. It is motivating to know that more and more research is being promoted and carried out in Ecuador and through CEDIA.

Could you send a message to those students who are trying to do research?

Research is something amazing. I have always believed that science can one way or another improve the life of human beings, improve their quality of life and make a concrete and transcendental change. Research is a noble vocation, you have to do it out of conviction and if you really feel called to be a researcher, I think this is the best time, it will not be easy, but at the same time you will find many people who support you and give you a hand. I think this is the best time for research in Ecuador to take off and grow.