César Guevara

The process of Divulga Ciencia was totally professional, clear and very efficient.

Cesar Guevara

Please provide us with your full name and position held at the Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica.

My name is César Byron Guevara Maldonado. I am a researcher at the MIST Interactive Systems and Mechatronics Center of the Universidad Tecnologica Indoamerica, Quito.

Tell us briefly about your research work, in which area you work and what the results of your research have been.

My work focuses on the area of Applied Artificial Intelligence. Currently we are developing intelligent systems to improve the quality of life of patients with hip surgery with a tool for real time rehabilitation. On the other hand, an application for intelligent patrolling and delictual prediction for the National Police of Ecuador, and development of adaptive algorithms for the detection of intruders and information leaks in computer systems.

Being the National Research and Education Network of Ecuador, we are very interested in knowing how you participated in the Divulga Ciencia invite.

CEDIA visited my university a few weeks ago and presented us with this service, so after the talk, I applied immediately.

The process of Divulga Ciencia was totally professional, clear, and very efficient. All the information for applying to the contest was excellent and the staff resolved my doubts.

In less than 20 days I received a positive response from CEDIA and they supported me in the process of buying the tickets, paying the registration, and lodging for the conference. Days before, they supported me with the travel expenses so I could go to the conference in Spain.

Tell us about your proposal presented in the Divulga Ciencia invite.


We presented an intelligent rehabilitation movement detection algorithm using a device called Kinect for patients who have undergone hip surgery. This algorithm will help improve patients' health and allow them to access an online physiotherapist at better prices.

Tell us how your experience was when participating as a speaker at the 11th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems in San Sebastian - Spain.

The participation in the Cisis2018 Conference was very important and beneficial, because it was possible to make collaborative ties with universities recognized at a European level such as the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Salamanca, etc. This has allowed us to make a common research group to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities by applying artificial intelligence and electronics.

Being an Ecuadorian researcher, how do you see the development of research in Ecuador?

As an Ecuadorian, I can say that we are on the ideal path to generate knowledge and solve most of the problems that afflict us. We have the capacity to go further in innovation and in the development of new ideas and technology, although we are still a bit far from the international scientific field. My personal goal at the Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica is to generate a research culture in all areas, that reaches our students, and later the community.

How do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next 5 years I see myself developing new solutions for the most vulnerable people in our society, such as children and people with special needs, and also publishing our ideas in the most important magazines in the world.

Before your participation, had you heard about CEDIA?

I’ve been in the country for 8 months and I had only heard of it twice in the CEPRA projects and in the presentation of CEDIA services in my university.

What do you think about the organizations that support the development of research and academia in Ecuador?

They are very important entities, because they allow us to develop very good ideas with very noble goals and great impact in the country.

Finally, could you send a message for researchers to participate in the Red CEDIA invites?

First of all, we should trust in our abilities and in our own people. Although we are small we have a lot of talent and an infinite perseverance.
Second, that it is possible to do science and write scientific articles with global impact. Aim high and you will reach high. CEDIA can be a hotbed of ideas that you can trust.

Thank you for your trust and for the opportunity you have given me. It will not be the last time that I present high-impact publications with CEDIA as a part of the process.