A training funded by our CECIRA program.

cecira afiche finalCEDIA, along with the University of Cuenca and the Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo, started the sixth edition of the CECIRA training program with the "Integral Management of RAEE-Systemic Cooperation and Design of Solutions" course, with the goal of strengthening research in participating universities, to increase their impact on society.

This training seeks to initiate contact with different parties related to the management of electrical and electronic equipment (MEEE, or RAEE in Spanish), to identify opportunities for cooperation and knowledge exchange among them, the management systems of Switzerland, and the policy design that has been applied in Colombia, which is the basis of the systematic design-policy guide for the RAEE management.

To achieve something accurate, we expect to have the participation of different parties related to this subject, such as governmental entities, managers, manufacturers, and academia. For this workshop we have the cooperation of both the Materials Science and Technology-EMPA, and Swiss Resource Center and Consultancies for Development - SKAT.

If you want to know more about this training, the instructors and their agenda, we invite you to visit the following linkir for the event.