TICAL 2018: More than 60 representatives of the IES members of Red CEDIA participated in this event

After three days of intense information exchange, collaborative work, inspiration, and immersion in the universe of digital transformation and the potential of national research and education networks, the eighth edition of TICAL and the 2nd Latin American Meeting of e-Science ended. A combined conference attended by more than 350 Universities Presidents, Vice Presidents, IT directors, researchers, and professors from Higher Education Institutions, Science, and Culture of Latin America.



By Claudia María Acosta Pérez, Luiz Alberto Rasseli, and Camilo Jaimes Ocaziónez

Held in the premises of the Las Americas International Convention and Exhibition Center, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, TICAL and the 2nd Latin American Meeting of e-Science brought together members of the Latin American and academic world community, from Argentina, Australia, Bolivia , Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, and several cities from Colombia.

Conducted jointly for the second year in a row, the events totaled 56 work exhibitions, 10 training workshops, five company presentations, three discussion tables, and the presentations of invited international panelists such as the "guru" of the Big Data, Martin Hilbert, and the award-winning IT director at Deakin University (Australia), William Confalonieri. In all cases, the discussion revolved around the "Digital Transformation of Higher Education, Science, and Cultural institutions".

According to Luis Eliécer Cadenas, executive director of RedCLARA, "TICAL 2018 left us very satisfied. This week we had a fantastic meeting in which the leaders of all the national research and education networks of Latin America participated. It was a space of reflection for the processes of transformation and digital evolution in the universities of the region where we reviewed the challenges and most relevant aspects in the use of technologies, and where we also took the opportunity to launch some services and invites that will be of interest to everyone in our countries. We had a very intense week, with many achievements, several activities, a lot of reflection and announcements. "

For Ginna Garzón, Executive Director (E), "at RENATA we are very honored to have been able to hold TICAL for the second time in Colombia. This year, with the theme of Digital Transformation in Higher Education, Science, and Cultural institutions, we managed to bring together the academic community of Latin America and other countries around collaborative work using the national research and education networks as a technological scenario for the development of science, education, and innovation".

The eighth edition of TICAL and the 2nd Latin American Meeting of e-Science was an accomplishment of RedCLARA, RENATA, and the Building the European Link to Latin America project (BELLA) with the sponsorship of Microsoft, the Latin America and Caribbean Internet Society, Alcatel- Lucent Enterprise Latam, Huawei, C & W Business, Telxius, Canvas and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the support of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies, the Ministry of National Education, Colciencias and the regional academic networks RIESCAR, RADAR, UNIRED, and ROUTE Caribe.

On a special note, on September 3rd, the hashtag #TICAL2018 was trending between the third and eighth place in Twitter for Colombia, and the reproductions of the transmissions made by @RedCLARA and @RenatAColombia exceeded 2,000 re-tweets. Likewise, the transmissions made through www.renata.edu.co exceeded 1,150 views.

For more information about TICAL2018 and the 2nd Latin American e-Science Meeting, visit http://tical2018.redclara.net.

The videos of the #TICAL2018 transmissions can be viewed at https://bit.ly/2fWPpEG.

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We’ll see you in #TICAL2019!

Source: http://tical2018.redclara.net