The invite closes on March 30, 2018.

Our Ecuadorian RDi Projects Contest opened its eleventh invite, and with the purpose of facilitating and expediting the proposal delivery process, we have developed three tutorials that simplify the application process:

  1. 1. Our first tutorial details the Key Points and the regulations for participating in the CEPRA invite. You can review the instructional video by entering here.
  2. 2. In the second video tutorial you can find in clear details how to fill out the participation form. You can see the video here.
  3. 3. In our third video tutorial on the CEPRA invite are simple step-by-step instructions for uploading the project proposal with the EasyChair tool. The video can be seen in the following link.

CEPRA supports proposals in different fields of research, development, and innovation focused on the academic progress of Ecuador, supported by the services and facilities offered by Red CEDIA and that contribute to the scientific and technological community of the country. We invite you to participate and send your proposals.

Check all the tutorial videos here.

If you want additional information, you can contact us at