Project Incubator has four new projects.

Red CEDIA supports you in the development of your research project.


The permanent invite for our Project Incubator program currently has 4 new proposals presented.

Currently, a proposal is competing in the CEPRA XII invite. The other three proposals are starting the process of tutoring. This is the successful outcome of the CEDIA 2018 Project Incubator Workshop Tour, held since May.

We continue to train our members continuously in order that researchers who wish to venture into the development of RDi projects, present a brief summary of their project idea for the assignment of a tutor who will guide the researcher who proposes the project in the conformation of his/her work team and in the elaboration of the proposal under the parameters established in the Ecuadorian Project Contest in RDi - CEPRA.

We invite you to review our schedule of workshops nationwide and register in the following link:

Congratulations to the researchers who participate in the proposals of our program.

Check the details in order to have more researchers from our member institutions participate in this program.


Juan Gabriel Barros Gavilanes UDA Classifier-video for mobility agents as an alternative to manual volumetric counts. Computer Vision, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things (IoT). Research
Diego Javier Proaño Escandón UDA Development of sustainable housing prototypes from a vision of resource optimization. Architecture, Urbanism, Energy Efficiency, Construction and Communication. Innovation
Eduardo Daniel Haro Mendoza
Pablo Marti Mendez Naranjo
Luis Gonzalo Allauca Peñafiel
Diego Bernardo Palacios Campaña
UNACH Improve the service in wireless networks through a network architecture defined by SDN software. Wireless Networks, Quality of Service, Networks defined by SDN Software. Research/ Development
Salomón Barrezueta Unda
Iván Ramírez Morales
Héctor Carvajal Romero
Harry Vite Cevallos
Paola Gálvez Palomeque
Wilson Navarrete Crow
UTMACH Integration of information and communication technologies to support precision agriculture in the growing of bananas. Information and Communication Technologies, Agricultural Production, Sustainability in the use of resources. Research/ Development

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