First CECIRA International training, a success.

Comprehensive management of electrical and electronic equipment waste.


In the CECIRA VI 2018 International invite, 8 proposals were received, the year with the largest influx of proposals received since the first invite in 2013. After carrying out an evaluation and analysis, 6 proposals were awarded with an approximate amount of 60 thousand dollars for financing the training sessions.

Thirteen CEDIA member institutions will participate in these trainings, with 33 researchers who will organize the training programs. Since 2013, the opening date of the invites, CEDIA has financed more than $200,000 for the execution of Training Programs for Higher Education Institutions (IES).

As a result of this invite, the First Training Program was carried out within the CECIRA VI 2018 Contest with the theme: International Training COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT WASTE (RAEE in Spanish), co-organized by Universidad de Cuenca and the Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo, with the CEDIA´s support and financing of approximately 12 thousand dollars.

The event was held in the facilities of the Universidad de Cuenca, from July 16 to July 20 and was attended by 50 people representing member institutions, private companies, and public institutions. The purpose of the training program was to diagnose the current state of waste management in the region and the country, identifying the problems that should be addressed by the academia, the public sector, and the industries. Also, it is reported that the CECIRA VI National call is open during 2018.

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