The first pitch was made in our facilities.

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Innovation and Technology Transfer - ITT, is the youngest area of CEDIA. Its objective is to generate channels and connections between the different participants of the country’s Innovation Ecosystem. This is achieved by linking the ideas, proposals, and needs of the productive sector of Ecuador with academia.
Based on this, several spaces for approach, discussion, generation of ideas and collaborative work have been generated among the different participants, such as: Chambers of Commerce, Chamber of Industries, and Productivity of the main cities, as well as strategic alliances between the productive sector and the public sector, represented by the Ministry of Industries and Productivity -MIPRO and the National Association of Food and Beverage Manufacturers - ANFAB.
This has generated the first successful participation of the four ecosystem motors, which includes entrepreneurs, industry, government companies, and academia, in a project led by ANFAB. CEDIA will be part of the program called "Ecuador Agroalimentario".

This meeting was held on Wednesday, July 4th, at the CEDIA facilities, with the presence of the Executive President of ANFAB, Mr. Christian Wahli, and the Director of Projects, Innovation, and Regulation, Engineer Julio De la Calle. In this event, students and entrepreneurs of the University of Cuenca presented an innovative proposal for the reduction of meat consumption.

Through the management of CEDIA, this July 25th the MIXMEET entrepreneurs will present their initiative to the managers of the main companies in the meat sector of the region, granting them the possibility of obtaining funding.

Our ITT area will continue generating spaces for exchange and linking of ideas, proposals, and projects between industry and academia, contributing to the development of the Innovation Ecosystem. If you want to know more about our management, write to us at info@cedia.org.ec