CECIRA submits adjudicated trainings

You can access them through our multimedia repository.


After obtaining a record in the CECIRA 2018 invite, 4 training programs were awarded for an approximate amount of $60,000 that CEDIA will finance. The Training Programs to be executed during the months of September and October are:

  • Communications through visible light in the framework of the fifth generation cellular communications.
  • Mechanisms of cell death and improvement of molecular techniques for their detection.
  • Comprehensive RAEE Management: Cooperation and Systemic Design of Solutions.
  • Theoretical-Practice for the Intestinal Microbial Analysis. Geomorphology and Estuary Dynamics.

Our members should be reminded that recorded training will be uploaded to our multimedia repository: http://multimedia.cedia.org.ec/

If you want more information about these trainings, write to us at cecira@cedia.org.ec