img 4965 20180130 1868397870After a first well received meeting, the II CIO UNIVERSITY was held at INOCAR, Guayaquil on Thursday, June 22, 2017 with the following themes:

Big Data and Open Data, data trends.
Norberto Castro and Andrés Fuster – Universidad de Alicante, Spain.

Presentation of the IT Indicators Project.
Susana Cadena, Robert Enríquez, Rodrigo Padilla and Juan Córdova.

Round Table: “The IT Government at the Ecuadorian University”.
Participation: UIDE, UCE, ESPOL and Universidad de Alicante.
Moderator: Robert Enríquez

CEDIA: The IT base in the Ecuadorian academy.
Carlos Guzmán Jaramillo, Technical Director of CEDIA.