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Provides global and local connections

  • Pivot offers global and local connections that strengthen research by exploring new avenues of funding and collaboration.

Accelerate the research process

  • Pivot integrates global funding and the discovery of collaborators into a powerful communication and workflow tool.

Allows the visibility of research in your university

  • Pivot manages the increasingly complex world of profile data for researchers.

For Research Administrators, Pivot

A proactive approach to research management

  • Pivot allows you to create a financing strategy, see deadlines, and plan accordingly.

It is intuitive and easy to implement.

  • Pivot is a technology that will help increase efficiency in the research office. There is no installation and no maintenance updates to make, the technology is accessible through the internet.

It provides multiple sources of funding at your fingertips.

  • The Pivot editorial team goes beyond well-known government funding agencies to gather and organize funding from international sources covering all disciplines and a wide variety of research activities for curriculum development and more.

For Researchers, Pivot

Funding and collaboration are integrated into a single tool.

  • Pivot integrates funding and collaborative discovery into a powerful tool so researchers can collaborate effectively with their colleagues as well as quickly discover the right funding opportunities.

It quickly engages users with the use of the tool.

  • Without much training, users can start working quickly, receive funding recommendations and search for potential partners immediately.

It allows the discovery of new sources of funding.

  • Users can create searches tailored to their specific needs and receive weekly alerts. In addition, the Pivot Funding Advisor will recommend funding that may reveal new or unknown sponsors and funding opportunities.

It allows the exchange, communication and collaboration centered on the financing.

  • Pivot users can also share and communicate funding and collaboration combinations with their colleagues.

There is a growing demand for researchers to quickly discover the right funding opportunities and to collaborate effectively with colleagues. It is important to comply with this demand, but also to streamline workflow processes. Pivot™ speeds up the research process by integrating funding and finding collaborators into a powerful tool. Beyond the connection of researchers to funding opportunities and collaborators, Pivot users are also able to share and communicate these pairings with their colleagues.


In addition to the benefits provided by Pivot - not only to teachers and administrators, but to the university as a whole-this unique tool offers many features such as constant improvements that are made in order to enhance the user experience and provide a cost-effective investment to the university.


This solution offers teachers and researchers access to the following contents:

  • 28,000 funding opportunities with new opportunities and changes added daily.
  • International coverage covering the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and more.
  • A wide variety of funding opportunities cover research activities to travel awards-from government, institutions, foundations and sponsoring companies.
  • Profiles according to the structure of the institution, improved navigation and identification of researchers inside or outside your institution.
  • Over 3 million researcher profiles editorially through our own author disambiguation algorithm, which links publications and funded grants to profiles.


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