It is a digital communication channel for the CEDIA member institutions

NotiCEDIA is a communication solution from the institution to the students, teachers, workers, and for the general public, which are on the premises of the institution.


Each institution is responsible for generating, in an autonomous and responsible manner, the information to be presented in their screens. These screens will be connected to the screens of all CEDIA member institutions.

NotiCEDIA is a news digital service based on the ND@Ucuenca®, which provides facilities for communication with the academic community, from different information generator levels such as news, statements, or general information.

In addition to the information generated in the institution, we have external sources of information. The RSS allow to “always” keep updated information in NotiCEDIA screens.

The levels that generate information in NotiCEDIA are grouped into:

  • Entity Level (Faculty, Academic Unit, Center, Department, and similar others).
  • Institution Level (The whole University or Higher education Institution).
  • Other institutions (this information can be obtained from the RSS of the University or Institution).





The platform can be configured to ensure that the information generated from the entities will be visible more times than the information generated from external sources. Furthermore, it presents the information randomly and does not deliver repeated cycles of information.

NotiCEDIA has three features:

  • Text news plus an image:


  • Presentation of WMS videos up to 30Mb or 1 minute:


  • Video presentation via streaming transmitted from some point of the institution or from other institutions:




NotiCEDIA is an appropriate way to present daily information. Every minute it is presenting the events of the institution. It is a direct channel from the managers to the university community. Through NotiCEDIA the members of the institution are aware of academic offerings, scholarships, researches, services and several other aspects that have additional effects, such as the feeling of contributing to the "involvement and sense of belonging" to the institution.


An Android prototype has been developed to obtain updated news of the institution; thus, students, teachers, or interested people know what is happening from any place.

The prototype allows to preview the news in a list that has a small image belonging to the new, its title, and the date on which it was published. The user can select one of the titles and display the full story. The news can be shared by the user through email, text messages, Skype, and WhatsApp, among others.

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