Below is an informative list of the training program proposals presented in the 3rd CECIRA invite. They are not in any specific order and have not yet been reviewed to confirm that the documentation is complete.

No. Title of the Training Proposal Leading University
1. E-Science: semantic technologies for the representation, integration, and control of information and Mobile computing: location-based services and mobile agent systems UCUENCA
2. Bioinformatic tools for life sciences USFQ
3. Neural signal processing ESPE
4. Integration course and standard access to spatio-temporal data UCUENCA
5. Development and implementation of distributed applications in Unix environments UTPL
6. Course in Urban Simulation: Methods, Models, and Applications UCUENCA
7. Advanced graph programming techniques for routing in networks UTPL
8. Administration of Linux-based Clusters UTPL


Innovation in the Development of Advanced Communications Systems using Radio technologies defined by Software with GNURadio UCUENCA