Ecuadorian Training Contest for Researcher Members of Red CEDIA.



CECIRA is the Ecuadorian Training Contest for Researcher Members of Red CEDIA, whose objective is to promote the development of skills and to train human talent for innovation in various fields for which there are no specialized instructors in the country. These training sessions will be based on collaboration among its members through the facilities offered by Red CEDIA.

The invite receives proposals from all fields of interest to the groups of researchers from the member institutions of CEDIA. Approved training programs will be selected through a competitive process, and all proposals will be reviewed based on a set of selection criteria. Proposals that do not meet one or more of the selection criteria to a considerable degree cannot be funded.

Training programs must meet the following requirements:

  • Contribute to improve the abilities of CEDIA researchers.
  • Involve participants from at least 2 member institutions of CEDIA, whose main headquarters are in 2 different cities. One of the members of the team must assume the responsibility of being the lead organizer and submit a letter of responsibility signed by the Legal Representative of each participating institution.
  • The activities of the training program should be carried out in Ecuador.

The Academic Commission will be responsible for the evaluation and definition of a priority order. CEDIA will allocate funds for CECIRA with the objective of financing the training programs, according to its annual budget.